Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Why Music is called Life?

We all know this quote "Music is life" but do you know its real meaning? Yeah, I was sure that only a few of us know this. Everybody says and we have seen it on our book covers, boards that Music is Life.

Is music really life, so today we will discuss all the points related to music is life. We will discuss its real or deep meaning and we will tell you some myth related to this music quote. 

Music makes happiness in our face but the fact is that we don't realize it. it relaxes us internally and we will fell fresher than before. Its power of the music. If music is made with love so it becomes more powerful and sweet.
Why Music is called Life?

Why Music is called Life?

Music is called life because it's very important in our life. As we all know that life is very important in our life. And music is part of our life then Pelle says music is life. 

Music plays a various role in our lives and the main is that reduces pain and stress of ours. Music is important to express our emotions. A lot of people express their emotions through music. 

Music is the most common hobby found in peoples. Many people started music coaching classes to do their hobby and earn a little for themself. Music makes happiness to both listener and the singer. 

Why Music as a Hobby?

If you like to hear or make music so I am sure it's your hobby. Because no one can make music without including his internal soul. Not everybody can make a powerful or sweet song, the people with music as their hobby can make music better and sweater.

Many people started their carrier with music. Music makes smiles everywhere, I have never seen a people crying after listening to a song, it's another condition if he is crying after listening to a sad song.

Music as a hobby is not bad for music lovers, the music spread happiness. People like mainly instrumental music and they appreciate instrumental musicians for their sweet work. 

Many parent started music classes of their children at the age of 5 and children started loving music and it becomes their hobby. Music as a hobby is not a big issue but its an advantage for children. 


Many people compare two different and they said this music is best and another is waste but its not true. Every bday has their own interest and they don't want to listen out of their interest so the found other music albums waste but it not truly waste. 

Different people have different choices and they have the option to pick it nobody can stop them. The music fits the same in this condition some people like music and rests think it not good or its time waste. 

But we have discussed the power od the music and I am glad to say that people like music and their creators. The music creators get motivated when people start supporting them and hen they work faster.

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