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Why do Bollywood use Songs?

If we watch Bollywood movies so we see at least 2-3 songs in every Bollywood movie, the question is that why there's a song in movies. They can continue movies without putting songs in it. 

Why there are no or few songs in Holywood movies. Why only Indian movies have songs in it. Are songs very important to there movies, if not so why they spend a lot on songs?

So today we will discuss all the points related to this topic. To know about this fact you have to stay connected with us. We will tell you what is the role of songs in movies and why the Indian film industry spends a lot of money on songs.
Why do Bollywood use Songs?

Introduction to Indian Film Industry

Indian Film Industry is a big producer of movies. They release more than 1800 movies in India. Bollywood is the heart of the Indian Film Industry and they are really famous in India or the world. 

You can get to see a lot of movies in Indian and Bollywood make a movie that is related to Indian peoples so Indian people like Bollywood movies. Bollywood promotes Indian culture in their movies.

There are a lot of Bollywood actors who make movies fantastic with their acting skills. And the fact is that every Bollywood or Indian movie has at least 2-3 songs in the movie.  

What is Bollywood?

Bollywood is an Indian Hindi film industry that produces Hindi movies in India. It is in India and they deliver Hindi movies in front of the Indian audience. There are many Indian stars who gave their best to make the movie effective and realistic.

India has many production houses and Indian produces a lot of movies and Bollywood is the largest film producer in India. There are many film houses in India that are also a part of Indian movies but they are not a success as Bollywood.

Bollywood is the largest producer in India. Bollywood gave many Indian superstars who attract people's hearts by their acting. Bollywood is very popular in India or we can say that Bollywood is the heart of the Indian Film industry.

Some popular Bollywood Stars-

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Salman Khan
  • Amir Khan 
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Hritik Roshan
  • Amitabh Bachhan
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Deepika Padukone

Why Bollywood movies have Songs?

There are many reasons behind it and we will discuss all of this one by one. First of all, Bollywood makes movies for Indian or Hindi speaking peoples. And Indian people like to watch or listen to music in movies.

Sometimes Bollywood songs get the best response from the audience and then movies also get a good response from the audience. Songs play an important role to hit movies. Sometimes Bollywood songs make the movie hit.

Songs attract people to Cinemas and movies get more success. There are many singers who make a perfect song with their voice. SOngs in movies are like breaks so that people can also enjoy this part of the movie. 

Songs play an important role to generate revenue to the movie producers if a song gets hits so it is a very high chance that movies also get hit. Hit song means hit movies so there are 2-3 songs in movies.

Songs also play an important role in movie promotion. Sometimes Movie gets attention from their songs, if a song gets hit then it is a high probability that movies also get hit. 

How many Songs a Bollywood movie has?

It is not fixed by the moviemaker how many songs should be in movies. They plan it while making the story of the movie and then they adjust the songs in movies.

Songs releases before the release of the movie to get more attention from peoples. Songs play an important role in movie promotion. Songs attract crowds, and crowds attract more crowds, and movies get hit and movie earns in Crores.

Bollywood movies have at least 2-3 songs in movies and that is minimum number of songs in a movie, the highest number of songs is not fixed so we are not sure. If a movie has many songs so people will never feel good about that movie.


Songs are a part of movies but only for promotion and earning. Songs aren't completely part of movies. As we all know that Hollywood movies do not have songs and if they have songs so they don't put them in between movies.

Songs in Hollywood movies are for intro or outro, It is not possible or very rare that a Hollywood movie has the song in between. Holywood movies don't need much promotion because they already getting too much support from people.

Bollywood doesn't think that and put 2-3 songs in between movies. Sometimes it annoying people but they don't care about it and watch movies or go to toilet breaks in theaters.

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