Friday, July 3, 2020

How to set jio Caller tune in free

Jio makes a revolution in India with its cheap internet. Jio provides many free services that other network provider companies are not going to provide. Jio launched its Jio SIM and revolution starts from here.

As we already told you Jio provides a lot of premium features free of cost and Free Caller tune is one of this. You can set any free ringtone. There are many ways from them you can set Caller tune.

There are many songs that are already in Jio app so you can make their Caller tune in a click. You will get to see many trending songs that you can use to make Caller tune. 
How to set jio Caller tune in free

What is Jio Caller's tune?

Its a tune and a caller heard it when someone calls you. If it is free so you can set it from your operator's app or you can buy a Caller tune service from your operators.

Caller tunes show their margin when someone calls you. If you have picked trending or attractive caller tunes so it is a very high probability that the caller will become a fan of you. If you have Jio AIM here is the benefit that you can activate Caller tune in Free.

You can set it from the Jio SAvan app but here is a more method if you not have Jio Savan in your smartphone and that we will tell you in nest topic so stay connected to another method to set Jio caller tune in free.

How to make Caller tune better

Caller tunes play an important role if someone calls you. It makes a different impression on the caller if you have a matching caller tune with your personality. It is very easy to set a caller tune in a smartphone. 

Caller tunes are important if you get a lot of calls in a day. It makes a smile on the caller's face and the caller gets impressed by you without doing anything. You Caller tune is very important if you get a lot of phone calls from your friends or other.

Tips to make caller better-

  • Pick unique caller tune
  • Select trending caller tune
  • Select a song 
  • Short and simple
  • Pick a Music or song

How to set caller tunes in Jio

It is a little difficult to set on Android devices. Because it is not free but Jio gives this feature free to its users. It is very easy to set Caller tunes in Jio phones. If you want to set a caller tune in others so may you should buy some plans first.

Set Caller tune in Jio with Jio Savan app-

  1. Download the Jio Savan app.
  2. Log in with your phone number.
  3. Search your favorite song.
  4. Click on add caller tune,
  5. Congratulation, your Caller tone is set now.

Set Jio Caller tune with the message-

  1. Dial 56789 from your smartphone.
  2. Senf the name of your song.
  3. Activate your caller tune by selecting a song name or timestamp.

How to pick the best Caller tune?

It depends on your choice if you love a songs so you can pick that without thinking so. If you don't know which song you want to select but you who the singers name so you can also set the Caller tune by sending SMS on 56789 with singer name. You will get the list of all songs of that singer.

If you don't know song or singer name but still you want to set caller tune so you can also continue with trending songs, Bollywood songs, Hollywood songs, English songs, and top album songs.

We are suggesting that you should change the Caller tune every week or every month. It will make affect your daily caller or friends. Make your self trending with trending caller tunes.


Caller tunes are not so important but still, it's important if you getting too much caller so it will affect our caller. Caller tunes are just ringtones but the difference is that only the caller can hear this.  

Make your caller tunes batter than others by some methods that we have discussed. Caller tunes will help you to connect more peoples. People will start coping with your Caller tune when you set the best caller tune.

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