Hindi VS Punjabi Songs

Hindi VS Punjabi Songs

Punjabi and Hindi are two different languages and Hindi is the most spoken language in India. Punjabi is very popular in India but not as Hindi. The majority of the population speaks Hindi in India. 

Punjabi Songs are energetic and they are heart touching to the youth because they show reality in Punjabi Songs. Even a lot of people only like to listen to Punjabi songs. 

Punjabi Songs are very popular and most of the Punjabi singers deliver their best in Punjabi songs. If you ask an Indian guy do you like Punjabi songs so I am fully sure he never refuses it. 

But in some cases may they refuse it because some people don't understand Punjabi language but they also Punjabi dhol beats.

Hindi VS Punjabi Songs

Hindi Songs

Hindi songs are very popular in India but i am glad to said that there are a lot of singer who deliver their best n Hindi Songs. There are many legends who make Bollywood movies awesome with their beatiful voice.

There are atleast 2-3 Hindi songs in a Bollywood movie and all are best songs. Songs are very important or we can say that they are part of the Bollywood now. Songs are used in movies to make it more heart touchy and songs are used to tell the story in less time. 

Hindi songs are now growing day by day and its a really great achievement for Singers who make songs best with their voice. We all know how effort needed to make a perfect song so here a big shoutout the our singers.

Punjabi Songs

Same as Hindi songs, Punjabi songs are also popular as Hindi songs but it look like they are more popular than Hindi songs. Punjabi songs are very popular i India. There are are a lot of fans of Punjabi singer.

Punjabi singer deliver their best in lyric and best and their voice is also best and match in lyrics. Punjabi songs are very energetic. There many instruments that you will get to see in Punjabi songs.

Same as Hindi songs Punjabi songs are also in movies but not in Bollywood movies. You will get to see Punjabi songs only in Punjabi movies beacause Bollywood movies are made in Hindi language and it will be not good combinations of Hindi movies and Punjabi songs mix together.

But its not completely true, you will get to see some punabi singers in Bolywood movies like Guru Randhava's Punjabi song was in blackmail movie. It was a better combination of Hindi and Punjabi song. 

Top Hindi Singers

There are a lot of Hindi singer in this industry who deliver their best in Bollywood movies. Hindi singer are demanded in Bollywood songs. They made their song best with their lovely voice.

We have a lot of best singer in India who made lovely Hindi Songs and some of them are not with us but their songs are always in our heart and ear. Hindi singer are known for their voice and they are really deserving ones.

There are a lot of fans of Hindi Singersin India and they really deserve it. If you check the list of Hindi singer so you will find some common singer who are really legends. If you want to know who they are so you have to check the list given below.

Some best Hindi Singers-

  • Mohammad Rafi
  • Lata Mangeshkar
  • Kishor Kumar
  • Asha Bhonsle 
  • Arjit singh
  • Sonu Nigam
  • Kumar Sanu
  • Alka Yagnik
  • Udit Narayan
  • Himesh

Top Punjabi Singers

Same as Punjabi rapper, Punjabi singers are also talented in their field. We have a lot of Punjabi singers who are the most talented sand struggling in this field. They made their songs within a time period.

Punjabi singers are well talented in singing and that is why they are popular in our country. Punjabi singer made their song with matching beat and lyrics. Every Punjabi singer is known for his voice.

Some popular Punjabi Singers-

  • Guru Randhawa
  • Diljit Dosanjh
  • Sidhu Moose Wala
  • Parmish Verma
  • Babbu Man
  • Badshah
  • Gippy Grewal
  • Hardy Sandhu
  • Kulwinder Billa
  • Sukhe
  • Jassi Gill
  • Amrit Man
  • Ikka
  • A Kay
  • Jass Manak
  • Garry Sandhu
  • Satinder Sartaaj

Hindi vs Punjabi Songs

Its time to compare both song categories. As we all know that there is no such difference in Hindi and Punjabi songs accept language but we have to compare both of them.  

But it reality that Punjabi songs are more popular than Hindi Songs. If we compare the views on Youtube of both categories so we get that people like to listen Punjabi songs. 

Both Punjabi and Hindi songs are best but people find Punjabi songs more best. Punjabi songs are energetic and their beat is more energetic than a hindi song so it look more better than Hindi Songs but it is mentality of the people, some find Hindi songs more popular and some find Hindi songs more better its depend on the peoples. 


So as we compared the both song categories and we have discussed the som e more topics like top Punjabi Rangers and top popular Hindi songer so we know about them.

Both song categories are best and well known for their work. Hindi songs are popular in Bollywood and Punjabi songs are also popular but everywhere. Many people likes to listen Punjabi songs only and many like to listen Hindi songs only.

There are many singer who deliver their best in both categories so we have to support them all it does not matter they are Hindi Singers or Punjabi singers.