Why Punjabi songs are popular in India?

Why Punjabi songs are popular in India?

Punjabi songs are very popular in India and everyone started to learn Punjabi from their songs. You can't believe but a lot of people learned Punjabi words from Punjabi songs only. 

As we all know that Punjabi songs are fully energetic and Punjabi singers make it better with their simplicity. Punjabi songs are made with love and energetic lyrics. 

A Punjabi rapper Honey Singh changed the music industry by his raps. Honey Singh is a very popular Punjabi singer and I bet the maximum of you know him. Honey Singh is known for his Punjabi Raps.

Not only Honey Singh there are a lot of Punjabi Singers who deliver the best Punjabi music to their audience. Bohemia, Mika Singh, Raftaar, and Jay Sean a some best or top Punjab singers. 
Why Punjabi songs are popular in India?

Why Punjabi songs are popular in India?

There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of Punjabi songs and the top one is that Punjabi songs are very good because it has good lyrics, energetic beast or music, a motivational video, and it matches with reality.

As we all know that Punjabi songs have the best beat so that you can hear it on many functions like wedding, or any other celebration. Punjabi songs are played on may functions because it has an enjoyable tone.

A song's popularity described by how many people like to listen to it. And I am glad to say that people like to listen to Punjabi songs over Hindi songs.

9 Reason behind the popularity of Punjabi Songs-

  1. Energetic Songs.
  2. Lyric matches with reality.
  3. Energetic Punjabi beat.
  4. Punjabi Culture.
  5. Make songs for youth.
  6. Make motivational songs.
  7. Played Punjabi songs in many events and functions.
  8. Good for dance.
  9. Describe the story in short.

List of Top Punjabi Rappers

All Punjabi rappers are well and good but we have to choose Top 10 Punjabi singers so we will sort this list by their fan following or popularity. Punjabi rappers have next level impressions in the music industry. 

Punjabi raps are very energetic and their lyric is different from any other song. Punjabi raps also have a different beat that is made with different Punjabi instruments called Chimta, Harmonium, and many other instruments.

Top Punjabi rappers-

  • Bohemia
  • Honey Singh
  • Raftaar
  • Badshah
  • Fateh

List of Top Punjabi Singers

Same as Punjabi rapper, Punjabi singers are also talented in their field. We have a lot of Punjabi singers who are the most talented sand struggling in this field. They made their songs within a time period.

Punjabi singers are well talented in singing and that is why they are popular in our country. Punjabi singer made their song with matching beat and lyrics. Every Punjabi singer is known for his voice.
  • Guru Randhawa
  • Diljit Dosanjh
  • Sidhu Moose Wala
  • Parmish Verma
  • Babbu Man
  • Badshah
  • Gippy Grewal
  • Hardy Sandhu
  • Kulwinder Billa
  • Sukhe
  • Jassi Gill
  • Amrit Man
  • Ikka
  • A Kay
  • Jass Manak
  • Garry Sandhu
  • Satinder Sartaaj

Punjabi Songs in Wedding

Yes, as we all know that Punjabi songs are very popular in India. You will get to see Punjabi songs in every Indian wedding. Not only at a wedding, but even you will also get to hear it on many Indian functions.

Punjabi Songs plays an important role in Indian weddings and Indian functions. I bet you will get to hear Punaji long in every wedding. It is very rare that there is no song in an Indian wedding. 

In Some weddings, they also like to play their culture songs but Punjabi songs are a must. Everybody likes to dance on Punjabi songs and it is not wrong to say that Punjabi songs are part of Indian weddings.


Punjabi singer is very talented and they made awesome songs that every Indian like. Their songs are totally different from each other. Punjabi singers sing songs with full energy and they made songs energetic. 

People start dancing when they heard Punjabi music in any function like weddings, parties. Punjabi songs are especially very famous in Indian weddings. People start dancing when they heard Punjabi music. 

Punjabi song has a separate fanbase in India. That is why Punjabi singers are very famous in our country. A lot of Punjabi singers make their song energetic and motivational and they promote their culture and simplicity in their music so people like Punjabi songs more than any other song.