Why Music Ringtones are popular

Why Music Ringtones are popular

Nowadays, Ringtones are very popular in Android and iOS. Ringtones are our feeling and it makes a smile on the faces of other people when your phone gets a call and ringtone starts. 

Ringtones are popular so a lot of people start finding some best ringtones for themself. We will also tell you the some best ringtones later but first, we have to cover all topic related to this topic.

It's very interesting and a little confusing question that why ringtones are going to popular in our youth. So there is a lot of reason behind it and people start copying each other. 
Why Music Ringtones are popular

Why Ringtones are popular?

Ringtones are popular because of its very popular in youth. Our youth like to listen to music and they set their favorite songs on their Ringtone. Another hand, our music industry is making new songs every week or month.

Our music industry produces new and lovely songs every month or week so people get hyped for their next songs. Songs have feeling in it that is why most of the people like to listen to songs. 

Songs that match our feeling become our best song without any reason. Music is very important in our life, according to me its the best thing that people do when they get bor and stressed. 

Why Music is popular?

Music is everywhere that I am not saying but it's really around us, can't believe, you will.

Music is part of every functions like parties, college parties, weddings or most of the people listen to music while Driving, workout, bored, stressed, sleeping. That is why it is going popular in our youth. 

Music makes everything easy and relax. It changes mood and makes us relax. A lot of people like to sing songs and listening to songs that are why it's getting popular. 

How to listen Music in Free

There are a lot of music apps that provide music services free of cost. Some app are not free and provides only some music feature. You have to pay for something to listen to songs online.

You can download or listen online without spending a penny. But if you want to download songs so you need storage in your device and if you want to listen to it online so you need an internet connection, the choice is ours.

We will show you some apps that provide free music to music lovers-

1. Youtube

Youtube is a free platform to listen or watch music videos. It is free and it has a lot of music content. Youtube is the best and easy way to watch online music without paying a penny. 

It shows some ads but that is not a big problem because you are getting music without spending a penny. You can also check trending songs in the trending section of Music on Youtube.

2. Jio music 

Jio music is a music service by Jio. If you are a Jio user so you can easily sign in or sign up and can listen a lot of music content. It also has a set Caller tune option that will set a Caller tune in free.

Jio music shows some ads but you can remove it by buying a premium of the Jio Music app. You can listen free music and also can search for it. You can make your own playlist and library. 

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a free music platform that allows users to listen or watch new songs without any problem or buying a subscription. Google Play Music is the best music service by Google and it provides all new songs on its apps.

If you want to buy its premium version so you will get some premium features in this app. It has all the latest songs and you can also check trending songs in the trending section of this app.

4. Gaana

Gaana is another best music app for android devices. It has a lot of music content to listen in free. You don't need to spend a penny to listen songs. Gaana is very popular in Android devices a lot of people like to use it as their music partner.

Gaana provides free music to the user and it has millions of users. Gaana app is very famous for music in India.

5. Hungama Music

Hungama music very popular music app and you can download or listen music online without any subscription. It provides free music service to the users. Hungama has all new and old collections of music that users can search and listen.

Hungama music is very easy to install and its the best music app service that users can use and enjoy all-new music free of cost.


Music is a part of our life and it makes our life better. It releases stress, sorrow, pain, and many other negative feelings. Music makes our life a better life. Music helps us to relax.