Ringtone vs caller tune difference

Ringtone vs caller tune difference

Yes, both are not the same. Ringtones and caller tunes are not the same. A lot of people think they are the same and some get confused when they heard about it. 

Caller Tune- Its a tune and a caller heard it when someone calls you. If it is free so you can set it from your operator's app or you can buy a Caller tune service from your operators.

Ringtones- Ringtones are the same but it rings when someone calls you. You can set it as you want and it is free of cost. You can download different ringtones from different sites and make them more attractive to others. 
Ringtone vs caller tune difference

Ringtone vs caller tune

Ringtones and Caller tunes are different. Ringtones heard when someone calls you and others who are around you also can hear it. But Callertunes are heard when someones call you ut it is heard by caller, not by you.

Ringtones play an important role if someone calls you in front of the crowd. If your ringtone is different and attractive so other people will start looking at you.

You will get free attention from the crowd. Ringtones are better if you have a good smartphone and want to make a unique personality in front of other people. 

How to make Ringtone better

Make your ringtone better. It is very easy to do, you have to just download a unique and trending ringtone from the internet. Select some matching ringtones and, make it better if you can edit it. 

Tips to make ringtones better-

  • Make it unique
  • Select trending ringtone
  • Select ringtone matching with your personality
  • Short and Simple 
  • Easily understandable
  • Music beat and music
  • Pick a ringtone category

How to make Caller tune better

Caller tunes play an important role if someone calls you. It makes a different impression on the caller if you have a matching caller tune with your personality. It is very easy to set a caller tune in a smartphone. 

Caller tunes are important if you get a lot of calls in a day. It makes a smile on the caller's face and the caller gets impressed by you without doing anything. 

Tips to make caller better-

  • Pick unique caller tune
  • Select trending caller tune
  • Select a song 
  • Short and simple
  • Pick a Music or song

How to Set Ringtones

It's very easy to Set any ringtone in Android and iOS devices. You need a ringtone that you want to set on. There are a lot of ways to set ringtones in Android devices. 

Steps to set mp3 ringtones-

  1. Go to Files and select the mp3 ringtone.
  2. Long press on mp3 ringtone and click on set as.
  3. Click on set as ringtone.
  4. congratulation, your ringtone is set now.

How to set caller tunes

It is little difficult to set on Android devices. Because it is not free but Jio gives this feature free to its users. It is very easy to set Caller tunes in Jio phones. If you want to set a caller tune in others so may you should buy some plans first.

Set Caller tune in Jio-

  1. Download Jio Savan app.
  2. Log in with your phone number.
  3. Search your favorite song.
  4. Click on add caller tune,
  5. Congratulation, your Caller tone is set now.


We have discussed the difference between Ringtones and caller tunes and we know the importance of both. Both are important for us but ringtones are easy to make or download. Ringtones are very effective to get attention from other peoples without doing anything.